"You'll Be Fine"

-Jenni Burrows

‘You’ll Be Fine’ began as a form of ‘practical mindfulness’ in response to my diagnosis of a rare form of cancer, Primary Cutaneous CD30+ Anaplastic large Cell lymphoma (ALK-).

My practice and initial investigation was a coping strategy to enhance my quality of life throughout the long wait for diagnosis and therefore manage anxiety, uncertainty and the medical side effects of treatment, including my experience of itch.

I visualise the cells in  vivid colour;  smooth, calm and flat, merging together.

The work has helped ‘relieve anxiety’ and was also an effective coping mechanism for me when thoughts became jumbled and started spiralling out of control.

I hope the work can be viewed as a non-threatening approach to invite others into conversations about cancer and in general, my own experience of Cutaneous Lymphoma should they wish.


There is an increasing interest in the role of Art and creativity in supporting patients’ wellbeing through the education of health professionals.


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Photographs by:

Jenni Burrows

Michael Daks

Dominik Klimowski